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How to Clean & Care for your Boston Scally Cap and Flat Cap August 03 2023

We always recommend to spot clean your scally cap or flat cap first and then, if necessary, follow up with a conservative approach such as a delicate wash with low tumble or air dry so that your Boston Scally Cap can last a very long time. By following these care instructions, you can keep your flat cap looking great and extend its lifespan.

Not Just Any Flat Cap: The 'Distillery' Scally Cap April 12 2022

Our customers and fans are some of the most genuine people one could ever meet. When we meet customers/fans the first thing they’ll tell us is how they met another customer and the great connection they had and chat they had about their Boston Scally cap.

Boston Scally: A Community Brand August 13 2021

Boston Scally Reginas

The Local

Growing up around Boston there were certain local establishments that were almost a "right of passage."

Whether it was a favorite neighborhood bar, restaurant or place of entertainment--these local joints help in defining the culture and community. This isn't unique to Boston. This is across the country and the globe.

A theme here at Boston Scally company is staying true to your roots--never forget where you came from and what defines you.

We talk a lot about loyalty, history and passion. And what better way to display this than to choose some local spots and collaborate with them on some limited edition scally caps, tees and pins? What better way than to help promote a local business than with the most loyal group and community that we know?

This has been a passion project for quite some time and we are proud to announce The 'Local' Collection. These are going to be limited drops with local businesses and establishments close to our hearts, many of which you will know quite well...and some you may not.

BUT...what about all of our loyal fans across the country you ask?! What about great local spots outside of Boston? In other states?

Glad you asked.

We want to know about the local spots in YOUR towns and cities that have built up and defined the community around you. How great would it be for Bob in Texas to be able to rock a limited edition scally cap of Mike's favorite bar in Kansas...or Cindy's favorite restaurant in California?

You often hear companies say that they are a "lifestyle" brand. For some time we thought we were, but then discovered that we are a "community brand" that cares about more about our customer than just selling a scally cap. We want to know about YOU, where you come from and what you're passionate about. The connection with our customers and fans is always top priority here and we feel The 'Local' collection is a great display of just that. 

To kick this off in a couple of weeks we are collaborating with one of Boston (and America's) favorite pizza joints, Pizzeria Regina, and our childhood best friend's local establishment, Shopper's Cafe.

The 'Lunchbox' Scally Cap: The Tale of a Long Day's Work, Building a Legacy and Never Backing Down May 27 2021

Well, the brick from our “Lunchbox” scally cap represents a beginning of a story—how every story starts...with its foundation. It comes together “brick by brick”. The ‘Lunchbox’ cap is nostalgic tale of long days of hard work, building a legacy and never backing down.

Nostalgia is a Powerful Thing May 25 2021

We appreciated the small things and relied on great memories to tell amazing stories. 

A Look into November at Boston Scally Company: What is Coming Your Way November 01 2019

Boston Scally Cap and Jacket


Holiday Season 

This time of year, is crazy at the Boston Scally HQ. Once November hits, existing and new customers begin their Christmas shopping. They want to ensure that they get the scally cap that they have been eye balling for months...or maybe a collection that has been out of stock. It is scally cap season and our team is firing on all cylinders to help you this season. Got a question? Hit us up! 

Restock of Your Favorites 

Anyone that knows Boston Scally, our most popular scally cap collections tend to run out of stock relatively fast. It was imperative that we restocked your favorites: The Peaky, The Boondock and our Classics. We are stocked up (we think) and ready for the massive rush.  

New Scally Cap Launches 

This month we have TWO new launches coming your way: The ‘Military Responder” and “The Whiskey.” 

‘Military’ Responder 

Every year we launch a new ‘Military’ Responder. This year we took the design element to a new level and used our single panel style as the foundation. This is a “tip of the cap” to all of the troops both past and present that protect and serve our great nation. A portion of all sales go toward '22Kill' as well as 'The Wounded Warrior Project.'

Boston Scally ‘Military’ Responder Caps in Camo

The ‘Whiskey’ 

Since we began teasing this scally cap collection it has become highly anticipated. The design process for these caps took us quite a while. We needed to pick the right plaid fabric, material, pattern and, of course, matching it up to the right style. We decided this would be a single panel scally cap so that it would not only embody the nostalgia of flat cap but also the right style so that it would soon become a Boston Scally favorite. These are sharp as hell and the quality is next level. 

Boston Scally The ‘Whiskey’

When we look at this cap, we instantly think about the holiday season, family, friends and the community of our fans sharing stories over a, well, whiskey.  

Boston Scally Podcast 

The ‘Boston Scally Podcast’ has been a long time coming. Since we started Boston Scally Company, we have preached what our brand and community is all about. It’s about family, friends, community—and the stories that surround us.  

Boston Scally Podcast

This podcast will tackle all stories Boston, family and business. We already have lined up some amazing interviews about people with amazing stories, businesses and careers. 

Our approach will be down to earth and hold nothing back—just like YOU.  

So crack open a beer, whiskey or whatever you drink and give it a listen. Subscribe to our site here and receive updates on the launch.  

New HQ 

We have kept this under wraps for some time, but it is time we let you know---we are stepping it up. Our new address will share the same address that Aerosmith, Inc did years ago. Wait what? That’s right. The same address where the coveted ‘Rocks Album’ was recorded will now be occupied by Boston Scally Company. 

Aerosmith Album Cover


The ‘Wherehouse’ has a new home.  

We will use this new HQ as a podcast studio, pop up shop and hopefully some festivals...well, we will keep you posted! But don’t tell anyone. 


So, there you have it! We have November locked in our sights and we are prepared to make your Boston Scally experience a kick ass one. Holiday shopping and Black Friday will be here before we know it. Let us help you get it together this year! 


The Art of Garbology October 06 2019

Garbage on the side of the road

I used to be embarrassed to talk about this as a kid. It was only recently that I have shared the stories of what my father refers to as ‘Garbology.’


My dad was a school teacher for 34 years. He was also a professor…a professor of ‘Garbology.’ 


“What the hell is ‘Garbology’ you ask?” Simple. Trash picking. 


As a kid we didn’t make many trips to Toys R’ Us. When it was time for a new bike or the potential for new toys, we often headed to the Commonwealth of Newton where all the rich folks lived. 


They threw away the best shit. 


Monday was trash day, which meant on Sunday night at dusk we would cruise the neighborhood as if we were living out our own ‘Mission Impossible.’ My brothers and I would dress in all black (my father, of course, wearing his scally cap), jump in the back of my father’s Chevy Scottsdale and strategize an elaborate plan for the night ahead. 


Another man’s trash was in fact our treasure. It was our first bike, a set of golf clubs and an air hockey table less 5 or 6 players—and no puck. My father had a keen eye for these “treasures” and a true talent for seeing passed the dings, dents and scratches. Bike missing a wheel? No problem. Golf club too long? Cut it down. Table with scratches? Nothing a little sand paper and stain can’t repair.


During that time, my two older brothers and I never told our friends how we got our “new” bike or where that antique coffee table came from. We didn’t really think much of it. We looked forward to those Sunday nights after dinner, sneaking around and rummaging through people’s trash before they turned their lights on. My father was an excellent ‘getaway’ driver and the rush of adrenaline we felt during these adventures money couldn’t buy. It was literally priceless.


It humbles me today to think back on those times. 


My father recently bought my oldest son his first bike. It was shiny, new and still had the tag on it…but it wasn’t the same. It has both tires the same color, handle bars with grips and a padded seat. I realized while looking at this new bike that life is all about perspective. We didn’t see the flaws in our bikes—we thought we had it all—it might as well have been new. 


We try to promote our business in a way so that our fans and customers can see that. It is too often that brands promote themselves as flawless. That is bullshit.  


It’s the dings, dents and scratches that make our brand what we’re all about. 


P.S. If you need any tips on ‘Garbology’ feel free to send us a note…or if you have an old bike you’re not using—put a “FREE” sign on it. You’ll make a 6-year old kid happy as a pig in shit. Trust me.

Boston’s Best Summer Festival : The 100th Saint Anthony's Feast August 19 2019


Hand holding a Boston Scally Cap

What you need to know about the St. Anthony’s Feast


The St. Anthony’s Feast in the North End of Boston has been deemed the “Feast of Feasts” by National Geographic for a reason. This isn’t just some fly by night Italian festival with a few hot dog vendors and half broken speakers playing Sinatra or Classical Italian favorites.




This feast defines old time Boston. When you walk down Endicott Street during the St. Anthony’s feast time seems to slow down for just a moment—and for that moment you feel as though you went back in time to simpler days. Whether it is the locals chatting amongst each other, the smell of arancini filling the air or the fact that most people have a smile on their face. A genuine smile.


It has been 100 years of this community inviting anyone and everyone over for a giant party in the streets. The nostalgia of the event becomes most evident on Sunday when the statue of St. Anthony is raised and escorted through the streets, locals are hanging out the window and what seems like thousands of pounds of confetti are blasted into the air. It looks like a blizzard that pictures and video do no justice—you must be there to experience it.


If you have ever seen the old Prince Pasta commercial, you could almost envision “Anthony” himself sprinting through the streets trying to catch all the confetti.


What the St. Anthony’s Feast means Boston Scally Company


Since was I was kid, my family would go into the St. Anthony’s Feast every summer. We would walk the North End—eat so much food our stomachs would ache and then we would head over to Hanover Street to cram down a cannoli at Mike’s Pastry.


In 2014, we jumped at the opportunity to have a booth set up across from the main stage. To us it feels like privilege to be part of what make these feasts so memorable. It justified that what we were doing as a brand meant something to the people of Boston—and beyond.  Soon this week became mine and my family’s favorite time of year. No vacation could offer us the experience of standing behind a booth for 12 hours, greeting customers and watching the excitement on their face when they get the right fitting Boston scally cap. Sure it’s a lot of work and exhausting—but chatting it up with our fans and customers never gets old. Not for one second.


It is what we always wanted our brand to be about—the community and culture.

You want to attend?

The 100thSt. Anthony’s Feast will kick off this Thursday and will roll through until Sunday evening.


It is free to attend but bring your appetite and have your scally cap size ready. We will be the booth across from the main stage and will be hanging out all weekend long.


For more information on the feast check it out here.


We will see ya there!

Scally Cap Styles: Single Panel, Five Panel, Six Panel, and Eight Panel Caps August 08 2019


Boston Scally cap styles by number of panels


When we started Boston Scally Company, there was a problem that needed to be solved. Flat caps needed to be updated. We always loved the old-school look, but in today’s world, people want to keep with the times—so we updated the coveted scally cap and gave it a signature form fit.

We currently offer four different styles of scally caps:

Single Panel Scally Cap

Often referred to as a traditional flat cap or ivy cap, this cap consists of one panel that runs from front to back. Though the single panel refers to the top half of the scally cap, it is important to notice a signature Boston Scally cap will have a slight narrower side panels; less floppy that is. The goal in designing this cap was to give more depth to the traditional flat cap look—something that looked less like a costume hat. The increased depth give this a lower profile look that is more form fitted. It will shape the face nicely and hug the top of your dome just right.

We can always pick our scally cap in a crowd just by the proprietary look we knew people were looking for.

Our ‘Original’ scally cap is our best seller to date. If you are a beginner or veteran to the scally cap world, we suggest starting with that.


5 Panel Scally

When old school meets new school. How a scally cap looks is extremely important to us. We always liked the concept of 5 panel caps, but felt like the sides could have a narrower look (like our single panel) and that the back could have a more rounded form fit (like our 8 panel). They needed our signature look. But it didn't end there-we needed to extend the brim ever so slightly and increase the hat depth a little so that this cap kept its traditional feel with a modern look. We've revolutionized the five panel scally cap.


6 Panel scally cap

The six panel scally cap has been around for quite some time, but we encountered the same issue with many other brands out there—something was missing on the fit. It needed to be improved. When we wear a scally cap we like to know that it is going to stay on our head, like a baseball cap. This was the “ah-ha” moment that helped design our signature 6 panel scally cap. We needed to give it more depth, just like we did with the single panel, slim down the sides and make the brim more substantial. Contrary to the single panel, the 6 panel scally cap has a rounder look. It will appear completely smooth and clean on the edges.

We are obviously very passionate about our scally caps, and what our customers and fans to feel the same way. Being able to make the cap your own is important. By adjusting the brim and making it more substantial, it gives the ability to give the cap a completely different look depending on who is wearing it. Do you like a more curved look? A flatter brim? The option is yours.


8 Panel Scally [Peaky Blinders Cap]

The eight panel scally cap has recently gained popularity because of the hit series ‘Peaky Blinders” and rightfully so. Not only are those dudes badass, but they look badass in their 8 panel scally caps. The question that arose was “Will we look like they do?”

As much as one would like to be able to pull off the old school, floppy 8 panel cap, it conveys more of a custom look. Very cool-yes---but for everyday wear it needed adjustments.

For years, we worked on developing an eight panel scally cap that looked just right. We had dozens and dozens of prototypes over the years, but they were never quite right. They were either too floppy, too small, too big—you name it.

Finally, we got it right. We were able to “Boston Scally-ize” the Peaky Blinders-style 8-panel cap. We gave it our signature form fit with a narrower look. It has a similar look and feel as the 6 panel, but with a slightly larger profile to give it an old-school look with a modern feel.


The Best Fit for You

Fitting a cap can be a very personal thing, but we always recommend getting the proper sizing first. If you are in between sizes we always recommend going a size up.

Once you get the size down we typically guide customers toward our Original scally cap if they feel the single panel scally suits them best. If you feel the six panel is more of a preference, then we would guide you toward our ‘Scrapper’ scally cap collection. If you are going for the 8 Panel, our ‘Peaky’ scally cap [when it’s not sold out] is one of our best-sellers and a fan favorite.

No matter what style, color or fit you like—Boston Scally Company is here to guide you in the right direction. Our selection is as wide as it is high and we are always adding new styles!

Boston Scally Co. Baseball Caps - COMING SOON January 18 2019

We're excited to announce that we'll be releasing baseball caps for the first time ever!


The Art of Story Telling June 02 2015

Boston Scally Original Founders

Bostonians seems to have a knack for story telling. Being able to tell a good story is part of our culture--to be able to hold court and keep our listeners anticipating the next punch line.

When we began Boston Scally Co., we already knew there was something special about Bostonians, whether it was their tenacity, loyalty or the fact that making someone laugh was just as important as anything else.

Many of us grew up in a blue-collar setting under close quarters with family, friends or siblings. Story telling began at the dinner table listening to our old man discuss his days on Cushing Street as a young punk wondering the streets of Cambridge. His stories were always full of wit, candor and exaggeration—my father was very calculated in his delivery. It seemed as though he had an endless amount of stories and great memories with his buddies from the block.

That dinner table became our stage to tell stories.

“You live life to tell stories.”

These were words spoken by my oldest brother that I have often referenced in my head throughout life. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. The bond I share with my brothers and my close buddies are all because of the crazy memories we share from the past and the new ones we create for future reference. We can sit around a bar with a few beers and tell stories until the sun comes up.

Now story telling isn’t so easy—It is a craft you hone over time.

My buddies happen to be really good at it for fear of being the butt of the next joke. You need to have your facts straight and your delivery on point—if you fall short on the punch line you will be hit with a wave of relentless “ball busting” which will continue until everyone has got their shots in. I guess its our show of affection—it is better to be flattered than offended. Our long lasting friendships are built from creating new stories and sharing old ones.

I feel many Bostonians can relate to this because many of us share a similar past and upbringing.

With Boston Scally Co., our goal is always to create a community of friends [not just customers] that can share great stories with each other. When we see someone in the street wearing one of our caps, we want to know their experience behind it. We ask our customers all the time and their responses are priceless—most often comical—they make us laugh and we love it.

So next time you toss a Boston Scally cap on your head—live your life to tell a story.

We want to hear about it over an email, through social media or even a beer at the bar…on us.

How to Size the Original "Scally Cap" for Kids September 27 2014

Boston Scally Kids Cap and Logo

With the launch the original "scally cap" for kids, we have been getting an influx of inquiries on how to size for your little guys and girls--so we have provided a size chart and an explanation that should help.

Kids' head sizes can fluctuate from age to age as some kids grow faster than others...

With that said here are two simple steps to follow to ensure you get it right:

1.] Use the size chart below as a reference.

Scally Kids Size Chart


2.] Grab a tape measure if you can as back up. These sizes listed on the chart are based on "average" but sometimes you may have a 5-6 year old that can fit into an XL.


3.] If they are in between sizes, always go up so that they can grow into it. These caps will stretch and mold over time for a true & proper fit.



We designed our scally caps for kids to be different than anything else out there. Our goal was to have a cap that is true to our brand--it is not often that the little guys and girls can get a legitimate fitted cap.

It was important for us to launch a scally cap just like our adult caps, so that the youth of Boston have a brand that they can count on for years to come!



Scally Caps for Kids-COMING SOON! July 26 2014

Boston Scally Kids Logo

Bringing your kid up around Boston you can only hope to give them the same unique experience you had growing up. Though times might not be quite the same, you can give them a piece of that experience with a Boston Scally Co. Kids cap. Kids are meant to be mischievous, break some rules and push the limits - We all did and that's what built our character. This "scally cap" represents that next generation of Bostonians that will carry on the heart and soul of our great city.

These aren't for every kid though... If you don't want your kid playing in the mud, riding their bike out until dark or making their own "play dates"...this might not be the cap for them.

...And what the heck is a "play date" anyway?


Summer in Boston May 25 2014

They use the word "finest" pretty liberally here...


It’s about that time—NHL playoffs are coming to an end, you’ve got over a month until the MLB All-Star break and the weather is breaking just enough where it’s completely acceptable to crush thirty-seven Sam Summers before dusk.
That’s when you know summertime is just about here.

I often think about summer when I was a kid. We didn’t vacation to the islands, take flights to Disney—or even get to many games at Fenway [it ain’t cheap now and it wasn’t cheap then].

Go back 23 years or so…

Summer in my household was all about Little League baseball, riding bikes and fist fighting with my brothers on the front lawn.

I never really understood the concept of a “summer vacation,” but what I did understand…running through a sprinkler was just as good as having a fancy in-ground pool—or at least that’s what my old man led me and my brothers to believe.
We did always look forward to our annual trip down the Cape—holy shit was that an intense process!

Once every summer, the old man and my mother would stuff my two older brothers and I in the back of the 79’ Impala, fly down 93 South, hit the Sagamore Bridge and then pop off exit 9A to West Dennis Port where my father’s good buddy owned a tuna-can sized cottage that we’d make home for the week.

It smelled like stale air, pine needles and moth balls—it smelled like shit. I mean summer--it smelled like summer.

But it was all worth it…

Ah yes, the West Dennis [Public] Beach. This place was packed with 40,000 kids, 10,000 screaming parents…and one friggin’ ice cream man…ONE. We would fry in the sun and freeze in the water—just as long as we got a ‘Pink Panther’ Popsicle with the gumball eyes. Genius.

Ice Cream on a Stick

The point of all this—it was a typical summer for people around Boston.

The Cape wasn’t Aruba or some fancy resort, but it was half a tank of unleaded gas from Boston, inexpensive and it had Kreme N’ Kone. (Tell me you have had better onion rings anywhere else and I will call you a liar.)

That is what the Boston Scally Company is all about. We share a lot of the same traditions like sports, family…and even our summer “vacation.” It is really pretty simple when you think about.

You tough it out all winter and spring, just to catch that 12-inch striped bass off the jetties in June—only to throw it back in hopes you’ve got enough squid in the bucket to catch one you can actually bring home.

For many of us, it was the only beaches we ever had a chance to experience—beside Castle Island of course.

How do YOU remember your summers as a kid?

We want to know about it! Share this post and let us know in the COMMENTS below!!

New Spring Boston "Scally" Caps Have Officially Launched!! April 22 2014


Boston Scally Spring 2014 Colleciton Caps


We asked, you voted...then we delivered.

If there is anything that we won't do, it's denying our loyal fans the styles and colors that they want.

Our "Original" Boston Scally, since our initial launch this past fall, has been flying off the shelves and the demand for a new color of everyone's favorite scally cap was a must. Now available in light brown, the "Original" is ready for purchase.

Boston Scally "Original" Cap

We have also added "The Bruiser" an all black, cotton twill and form fitting scally cap. If you are going to have a scally cap collection--black is the standard.


Limited Edtion: Irish Green Super Soft Tees Available January 25 2014

Buston Scally Irish Green Shirt - Limited Edition

So Boston Scally has been getting an insane amount of requests for GREEN tshirts.

Look. We are not ones to deprive our loyal or new customers. So what did we do? Well, are launching the shit out of a LIMITED EDITION and LIMITED SUPPLY 'Irish Green' T-shirt.

These won't go out until February 23rd, but be sure to get your orders in now so that we can guarantee you will get one. Once the supply is gone, these bad boys are gone.


How to Chase Your Dreams, Take Big Actions, and Grab Life By the Balls November 22 2013

Mike Arone owner of Boston Scally

*The following is a guest post my buddy Chad Howse asked me to write for his site

My buddy Chad contacted me and asked if I would write a blog post for the site as we have often shared ideas and supported each other over the past couples of years with our respective fitness websites.

I have written for many sites, publications and am always striving to absorb as much information about health, fitness, nutrition and overall well-being. My newest venture is starting a cap and apparel line called Boston Scally Company. It has been a dream that I have been passionate about pursuing for years.

Throughout this process I realized that there was a very specific way that guys like Chad, myself and readers like YOU take toward pursuing a dream or reaching a goal—and I have always been curious as to why we take this approach.

It stems from somewhere—it has to. Maybe you had a mentor growing up, certain family-values or grew up in a specific environment.

No matter where I go in life I always make sure that there something I bring with me me no matter what

My home.


It was then that I realized—I wanted to not only pursue my dreams, but understand what inspired me to do so. It was pretty simple for me—I grew up in Boston. This was where andhow the make up of my culture, personality, attitude and perspective on life stemmed from.

I have always been extremely proud of this, because it inspired me.

So I will ask you to think about this question as you read the remainder of this post…

Where does your inspiration stem from?

Just a Bunch of Blue-Collar Wiseguys

Boston is known for being a blue-collar city where hard work is a given, the bond of brotherhood is unbreakable and the pursuit, no matter what it’s toward, is always relentless.

There is a certain vibe in Boston that starts with its’ people, their sarcasm, their underlying rugged persona…and the one-of-a-kind culture they all embrace.

It inspired me.

In the 1920s leading into the 1930s—times were tough in America. Many communities consisted of second generation to those that immigrated from all over the world to find a better life for their families, provide for their children…to scrap for an opportunity at the ‘American Dream.’

You’d often see working class men leading up until this time and throughout, wearing ‘flat caps,’ or as we refer to them in Boston—‘scally caps.’ The design of this cap was most likely for functional purposes such as blocking out sun or providing more shade, but quickly redefined itself. As immigrants began settling in the United States, the ‘scally’ cap became a staple in American fashion—especially in Boston.

Not Just a Boston Thing

But beyond my beloved city, there are people just like me in other amazing cities or towns that truly appreciate where they came from and how it molded them. They understand that sometimes pursuing a dream takes hard work, grit…and a little charm.

This is where it all stems from.

Maybe there’s been a time where you figuratively and literally needed to fight in order to achieve a dream.

Maybe there was a time when you failed, but then made the choice to pick yourself up by your fucking bootstraps and bloody a few lips to make sure that it never happened again.

Or maybe you picked someone else up out of the dirt to sacrifice your own dream to help them achieve theirs.

This is the mentality and the soul of what, I feel, makes good people great.

And that is what Boston Scally Company is all about.

We aim to give those, not only from Boston, the opportunity to own a quality cap or shirt that represents our blue-collar mentality and the culture behind it. If you understand the tough, humble and loveable nature of those “blue-collar wiseguys” then you will understand Boston Scally Company.

If you get inspired by the pursuit of a dream and breaking through the barriers along the way, just like many of our ancestors did—then you will understand Boston Scally Company. And, to me, there is no better way to share this with others than in the form of Boston’s most culture-defining piece of headwear—the ‘scally’ cap.

How to Size a Boston Scally Cap October 10 2013

So I have been receiving quite a bit of feedback and questions on how to size your Boston Scally Cap and I am glad this question is being asked and I will tell you why...


Two reasons.


Proper Size [if there really is one]

Scally caps are typically made with a wool tweed blend.

What does this mean? That it will stretch and mold to your head pretty easily.  This is great because if your "in between sizes" your cap will basically adapt in a short period of time and give you the custom fit you look for in a quality piece of head wear.

Personally I like to buy my cap a little bit on the smaller end and work it for a day until it stretches just enough--that's my preference. Give the brim a good bend and it's ready to go.

What I also find that is very common is for people to buy them "true to size" or even a little big. This favors those that like extreme comfort or like to adjust their cap pretty frequently. It allows for a bit more freedom in how you rock your cap.


*With that said, if you are on the smaller size of a medium--go with a small. If you are on the larger end--go with the medium/large.

**If you just want to be an epic badass--go with The Brawler cap


Scally Cap Virgin

There are many people out there that have never owned a scally cap [or any cap like it] and don't know how to wear it.

Look--there is no formula for how to wear a scally cap, just like there isn't one for how to wear your favorite fitted baseball hat.

What I typically tell those who have never donned an official scally cap is to follow the size chart FAQ page of the site. When designing these caps, it was important that they fit as "true to size" as possible. That way it would be easy for you to transition your head size from a standard fitted hat to an official Boston Scally cap.


In the end how your scally cap fits is truly your preference.

Regardless of how you wear your cap it'll look good...REAL GOOD. We went through tireless efforts to design and find the right style and profile to look good on every dome across the globe...


Now people can finally find a scally [newsie, flat cap, ivy cap...etc] that will look good on everyone.

Boston Scally Company: Just a Bunch of Blue Collar Wiseguys September 30 2013

Boston Streets at Sunset

Boston is known for being a blue-collar city where hard work is a given, the bond of brotherhood is unbreakable and the pursuit, no matter what it’s toward, is always relentless.

There is a certain vibe in Boston that starts with its’ people, their sarcasm, their underlying rugged persona…and the one-of-a-kind culture they all embrace.

That’s where Boston Scally Company was inspired.

My father grew up on the corner of Cushing St and Mt. Auburn in Cambridge, MA in the 1950’s during one-of-the-most nostalgic times in America—specifically Boston. Times were tough, but they were simple. The community he grew up in consisted of second generation to those that immigrated from all over Europe to find a better life for their families, provide for their children…to scrap for an opportunity at the ‘American Dream.’

You’d often see these working class men leading up until this time and throughout, wearing ‘flat caps,’ or as we refer to them in Boston‘scally caps.The design of this cap was most likely for functional purposes such as shade, but quickly redefined itself. As European immigrants began settling in the United States, the "scally cap" became a staple in American fashion—especially in Boston.

I grew up wearing these caps because my father wore them and his father wore them. This was most likely the case for anyone within a ten-mile radius of Southie, East Boston and Quincy.

Wearing this cap wasn’t just a fashion statement anymore.

Donning a ‘scally cap’ signified that you were willing to hustle for a buck and, if need be, bloody a few lips in pursuit of a dream.

In years since, it has become evident that the unique and genuine personality of someone from Boston is the make up of something pretty unique and envied by many—I felt that this should shared in the form of Boston’s most culture-defining piece of headwear—the scally cap.

Boston Scally Company will to give those, not only from Boston, the opportunity to own a quality cap or shirt that represents not only style, but the culture behind it. Those who understand the tough, humble and loveable nature of Bostonians will understand Boston Scally Company. The best way I can describe this brand is: ’Hard nose. Soft fit.’

And for those that don’t understand, well, they can wear their matching sweaters with pleated pants.

So when you get your first piece of Boston Scally apparel, whether it’s a cap or shirt, I encourage you to get some blood, sweat, tears…or even spill some beer on it.

It’ll only add to its character.