Boston’s Best Summer Festival : The 100th Saint Anthony's Feast August 19 2019


Hand holding a Boston Scally Cap

What you need to know about the St. Anthony’s Feast


The St. Anthony’s Feast in the North End of Boston has been deemed the “Feast of Feasts” by National Geographic for a reason. This isn’t just some fly by night Italian festival with a few hot dog vendors and half broken speakers playing Sinatra or Classical Italian favorites.




This feast defines old time Boston. When you walk down Endicott Street during the St. Anthony’s feast time seems to slow down for just a moment—and for that moment you feel as though you went back in time to simpler days. Whether it is the locals chatting amongst each other, the smell of arancini filling the air or the fact that most people have a smile on their face. A genuine smile.


It has been 100 years of this community inviting anyone and everyone over for a giant party in the streets. The nostalgia of the event becomes most evident on Sunday when the statue of St. Anthony is raised and escorted through the streets, locals are hanging out the window and what seems like thousands of pounds of confetti are blasted into the air. It looks like a blizzard that pictures and video do no justice—you must be there to experience it.


If you have ever seen the old Prince Pasta commercial, you could almost envision “Anthony” himself sprinting through the streets trying to catch all the confetti.


What the St. Anthony’s Feast means Boston Scally Company


Since was I was kid, my family would go into the St. Anthony’s Feast every summer. We would walk the North End—eat so much food our stomachs would ache and then we would head over to Hanover Street to cram down a cannoli at Mike’s Pastry.


In 2014, we jumped at the opportunity to have a booth set up across from the main stage. To us it feels like privilege to be part of what make these feasts so memorable. It justified that what we were doing as a brand meant something to the people of Boston—and beyond.  Soon this week became mine and my family’s favorite time of year. No vacation could offer us the experience of standing behind a booth for 12 hours, greeting customers and watching the excitement on their face when they get the right fitting Boston scally cap. Sure it’s a lot of work and exhausting—but chatting it up with our fans and customers never gets old. Not for one second.


It is what we always wanted our brand to be about—the community and culture.

You want to attend?

The 100thSt. Anthony’s Feast will kick off this Thursday and will roll through until Sunday evening.


It is free to attend but bring your appetite and have your scally cap size ready. We will be the booth across from the main stage and will be hanging out all weekend long.


For more information on the feast check it out here.


We will see ya there!