The Scally Guide: Ivy Cap Styles

Ivy Cap is another name for a Scally Cap. Of course, these hats tend to be more commonly known as flat caps, but the hats have dozens of names so it can be hard to distinguish. What’s easy to see is the wide popularity these hats have had over hundreds of years. If you are in the market for an excellent hat to show off your style, Boston Scally Company is the place for you.

Boston Scally Company was built by Boston natives. We understand the blue collar lifestyle and attitude of the people in the city. That’s why we design our scally caps to capture that playful troublemaking attitude we’ve all got. Tell your story through the hat you wear. Learn more about ivy caps and the selection of scally caps we have available in our online store.

Ivy Cap VS Newsboy Cap

The ivy cap offers a minimalistic style that is both functional and fashionable. Ivy caps have a classic flat cap style with the rounded shape and hard brim. This is much more in line with the classic scally cap look. It’s important not to get them mixed up with the newsboy cap style. These hats are nice, but they’re not scally.

The newsboy cap has a puffed crown with 6 or 8 panels and a button at the top. While these hats are often made with similar materials, the shape is going to give the hat a different look and style than the traditional scally. If you want to go with the authentic Boston look, you’re gonna be asking for something more along the lines with the ivy cap or scally cap.

The Different Names For Flat Cap

As we mentioned an ivy cap is gonna give you that authentic scally cap look as opposed to the newsboy cap. However, there are many different names used to describe a scally cap. Ivy cap is just one name that the scally cap has gone by. Historically, these hats have been all over the world and have been around for hundreds of years. It was only natural that different names would be attributed to the cap.

Here are some of the common names associated with the scally cap. If you hear any of these, you know you’re getting a flat cap with that Boston attitude:

  • Duckbill Hat
  • Paddy Cap
  • Pub Cap
  • Tweed Cap
  • Driver/Cabbie

Purchase Ivy Caps From Boston Scally Co.

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