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Hat Styles

When you ask me about style, there’s nothing like a scally cap to capture that Boston attitude. The attitude that says, “What story am I going to tell today?” Finding your style is a story in itself. You’ve got all these ideas in your head, but it won’t come together unless you wear it on your sleeve. Or in this case, on your head.

When you think of Boston, a few things come to mind: the Red Sox, chowder, and the hard-working guys (and gals) in flat caps. Better known as the scally cap around here, the flat cap is an essential part of Boston culture. Though its history begins in England, Bostonians have cemented the cap as a symbol for blue-collar, scrappy, unpretentious individuals everywhere. Once primarily worn by the working class, the scally cap can now be seen from coast-to-coast — but let’s not forget its rich history!

At Boston Scally Co., the flat cap is our pride and joy. We started this company to provide Bostonians and those everywhere with a well-made, integral part of our culture: the scally cap. Because it’s such a defining aspect of Boston Culture, and our company, we invite our fellow flat cap enthusiasts to take a moment to learn more.

British Origins

Not much has changed since the flat cap first came to scene in the late 1500s, except maybe the fact that we men are no longer forced to wear it! The scally cap used to be a legal obligation. Back in 1571, British parliament passed legislation stating all males were to wear a woollen cap on Sundays and holidays, or pay a hefty fine. This push for wearing a woollen cap was a means to protect and promote the wool trade, but the law wouldn’t last long. By 1597, the law was repealed, but that didn’t put an end to the woollen flat cap, which turned out to be a hit! Come the turn of the 20th century, the flat cap was typically associated with the working class: factory workers, laborers, and tradesmen.

Perhaps aided by our long, cold winters, the flat cap took off in the Northeast during the 20th century, becoming a standard in boys’ wear and among the working class. Eventually, the versatile cap made its way even further west and up the social classes, too! Due to its wide variety of wearers, from cabbies to upper-class Englishmen,cthe scally cap eventually had many names.

We started Boston Scally Co. to share our story with other Bostonians just like us. Regardless of the people we know, the places we’ve been, we see the scally cap as an ingrained part of the culture. Get schooled on the different types of Flat Caps around and learn a bit of the history behind scally & how to wear your Flat Cap.

We find these caps truly capture the blue collar hard working people of Boston. We’ve got a scrappy attitude from that same background many of us tend to share. We value our sense of humors and abilities to tell stories to anybody in front of us. Luckily, there are many hats to share our stories.

Different Styles of Flat Caps

If you go around and ask what kind of hat that is, chances are you’ll get a lot of different answers. These hats were incredibly popular and have been around since the 14th century. Meaning, these hats became associated with a wide variety of people, sports, and professions. The hats went beyond class and provided a stylish look to men of all ages. Here are some of the different names for flat caps and how they differ:

  • scally caps

    scally caps

    Our personal choice of name is the scally cap. We make flat caps that are designed to take a beating and get better with time. These show off your Boston style and attitude.

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  • flat caps

    flat caps

    The most basic name for the Scally Cap is the Flat Cap. A flat cap is a rounded cap with a small stiff brim in the front.

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  • ivy cap

    ivy cap

    This style is a tighter fit with a leaner body. It also skips the button at the top. You can find ivy caps at many different types of sporting events. Their sporty look make them a good purchase for athletes and ball fans.

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  • irish flat cap

    irish flat cap

    Flat caps have been around for hundreds of years and have made the rounds through Europe and America. They were so popular in Ireland, many recognize flat caps as an Irish staple.

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  • peaky blinders cap

    peaky blinders cap

    The eight panel scally cap has recently gained popularity because of the hit series “Peaky Blinders” and rightfully so. For years, we worked on developing an eight panel scally cap. Finally, we got it right.

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  • newsboy cap

    newsboy cap

    The newsboy cap has a puffed crown with 6 or 8 panels and a button at the top. While these hats are often made with similar materials, the shape is going to give the hat a different look and style than the traditional scally.

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Scally caps are also sometimes referred to as paddy caps, pub caps, and tweet caps, duffer caps, Gatsby caps, cloth caps, and wigens caps.

Everybody has a story, the question is, can you tell it? One thing about stories is that they aren’t always verbal. A story can be told through your clothes and what you wear. One way to add to your story is through a hat. The right hat will give off the attitude you want to bring to the table.

Boston Scally Co is a made up of Boston locals. We understand the background so many of us share and see the Scally Cap as a key part of our culture. It gives off the scrappy blue collar attitude we all know and love. Get schooled on the different styles of flat caps that are available and learn more about what makes ours the best.

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Though there are variations on the style of flat caps available, here at Boston Scally Co, we call them Scally Caps. Our caps are designed to be comfortable and made to take a beating. The durability you get out of our caps only makes it get better over time. Check out our online store to find your Scally Cap today!

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