Are Newsboy Caps the Same as Scally Caps?

The newsboy cap has a puffed crown with 6 or 8 panels and a button at the top. While these hats are often made with similar materials, the shape is going to give the hat a different look and style than the traditional scally. If you want to go with the authentic Boston look, you’re gonna be asking for something more along the lines with the ivy cap or scally cap.

The main difference between a flat scally cap and a newsboy hat is that a newsboy cap has puffy edges. Flat scally caps can have 5 or 6 stitched panels, but for the most part, they've got two stitched panels along either side of your head with a nice, flat top.

Some may be flatter on the sides of your head, while others will keep a round shape throughout. But once you see those puffy edges, 6 panels, and a button on top you've a newsboy cap.

The newsboy and scally caps are similar in materials, most often made of tweed with a herringbone pattern. The bill is even quite similar, yet the structure of the hat clearly shows the difference.

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