The 'Lunchbox' Scally Cap: The Tale of a Long Day's Work, Building a Legacy and Never Backing Down May 27 2021


Lunchbox Boston Scally Cap

So you want to know the symbolism behind the Lunchbox scally cap?

Well, the brick from our “Lunchbox” scally cap represents a beginning of a story—how every story starts...with its foundation. It comes together “brick by brick”. The ‘Lunchbox’ cap is nostalgic tale of long days of hard work, building a legacy and never backing down.

The lunchbox itself reminds me of growing up and the stories my father would share about his own humble beginnings. Most of his days started with packing a lunchbox as a kid. He didn’t have the luxury to buy lunch at school—like many of his friends. Growing up in the 1950’s made my father a bit of a collector. Anyone who knows that generation understands how they valued nostalgia and collectibles. He often referenced his ‘Davey Crockett” lunchbox that he owned and wished he never got rid of. This always stuck with me and I vowed to find it for him one day and replace it. It symbolized something for me...never forgetting your roots and the value of story telling.
My old man was a hard worker—still is. Even when I was a kid he would pack a lunch for work—he worked a couple jobs. School teacher by day—landscaper by night and weekends. A [grown up] lunchbox wasn’t an uncommon site in the passenger seat of his pick up truck. I didn’t think much of it then.
Fast forward to today—this passion project of the “Lunchbox” scally cap is one very close to me. Life isn’t perfect—sometimes it needs to be patched and stitched together like this cap. Sometimes you need to sacrifice for the greater good. And you always need to, as my dad would say, “outwork talent.”

We launch next week and I couldn’t be more excited to share this piece of our history with you. We hope that it resonates with your own story...and we hope you never look at a lunchbox the same way.

(And, yes, we got the old man his lunchbox back.)