How to Wear a Flat Cap

Just like with any article of clothing, the type of hat you wear says a lot about you and your style. Whether you sport a beanie, baseball hat, or flat cap, the hat you wear on any given day leaves an impression, either good or bad. When it comes to wearing a hat, it not only matters what hat you wear, but how you wear it. Yet, the material and pattern you rock also comes into play. You've got your wool, twill, and canvas to name a few materials, and you've got herringbone, plaid, and numerous patterns to choose from. The combo of each is up to you, but choose wisely.

Here in Boston, we like our hats in scally form—worn low, down to the brow. But this isn't the only way to don your daily hat. With a variety of styles, materials, and patterns to choose from, choosing how to wear a flat cap isn't as simple as slipping it on before walking out the door. Well, you could do it that way, but you've got to sport your cap in style if you want to turn heads, whether you're hitting the bar for a Pats game or hitting the docks for a day of work. Take a lesson on how to wear a flat cap, and why, with Boston Scally Co.

Why Wear a Flat Cap?

You see, hats aren't just about style. You've got to think practicality too. A wool hat isn't going to fly in the summer, just like cotton won't do much for you in the winter. Either way, hats are meant to serve a purpose. They'll block the rain better than any umbrella, and you can always pull your hood over when needed. But a flat cap, and most others, will block the sun, keep your head warm (or cool), and best of all, it'll go with almost anything.

How to Wear a Flat Cap: Options

When you talk about how to wear your flat cap, you've got to talk options. Between materials and patterns, the flat cap, or scally cap, gives you plenty of options. Whether you want to take the classy route or wear it while getting your hands dirty, you've got to choose the right cap.

As far as materials go, standard materials are tweed, wool, and cotton. But you can also find a good flat cap in leather and even corduroy. Wool, leather, and tweed are good choices for our brutal Boston winters, keeping your dome warm in the cold and protected from snow and sleet. When summer hits and the fish are swimming, a cotton cap will block the sun and keep and keep you cool while you're reelin' them in. Now, let's talk patterns.

Plaid, herringbone, and stripes are traditional flat cap patterns. A wool herringbone scally will keep your head warm and you looking effortlessly stylish through the winter, while cotton stripes are the way to go to when catching a Sox game.

Need a Cap? We've Got You Covered

When it comes to how to wear a flat cap, we really don't care how you sport yours, just wear it! They're cool, they're practical, and they're a big part of Boston culture! Since the 1920s and 30s, New England's working class has been rocking the scally; the workers of England and Ireland have been wearing them for centuries. So if you want to represent hard-working, scrappy culture and wear a cap that has history, grab a flat cap.

You can check out our scally caps here. While you're at it, grab a hoodie to go with it—Boston style. If you have any questions or comments, you contact us here.