How to Size a Boston Scally Cap October 10 2013

So I have been receiving quite a bit of feedback and questions on how to size your Boston Scally Cap and I am glad this question is being asked and I will tell you why...


Two reasons.


Proper Size [if there really is one]

Scally caps are typically made with a wool tweed blend.

What does this mean? That it will stretch and mold to your head pretty easily.  This is great because if your "in between sizes" your cap will basically adapt in a short period of time and give you the custom fit you look for in a quality piece of head wear.

Personally I like to buy my cap a little bit on the smaller end and work it for a day until it stretches just enough--that's my preference. Give the brim a good bend and it's ready to go.

What I also find that is very common is for people to buy them "true to size" or even a little big. This favors those that like extreme comfort or like to adjust their cap pretty frequently. It allows for a bit more freedom in how you rock your cap.


*With that said, if you are on the smaller size of a medium--go with a small. If you are on the larger end--go with the medium/large.

**If you just want to be an epic badass--go with The Brawler cap


Scally Cap Virgin

There are many people out there that have never owned a scally cap [or any cap like it] and don't know how to wear it.

Look--there is no formula for how to wear a scally cap, just like there isn't one for how to wear your favorite fitted baseball hat.

What I typically tell those who have never donned an official scally cap is to follow the size chart FAQ page of the site. When designing these caps, it was important that they fit as "true to size" as possible. That way it would be easy for you to transition your head size from a standard fitted hat to an official Boston Scally cap.


In the end how your scally cap fits is truly your preference.

Regardless of how you wear your cap it'll look good...REAL GOOD. We went through tireless efforts to design and find the right style and profile to look good on every dome across the globe...


Now people can finally find a scally [newsie, flat cap, ivy cap...etc] that will look good on everyone.