The Scally Guide: Flat Cap Styles

There are dozens of names for flat caps. In general, the term flat cap refers to a rounded cap that has a small stiff brim at the front. The cap has a flat shape so the top and the brim are nearly indistinguishable from each other. Depending on the style, the brim is part of the top. Regardless, if you want to give off a certain vibe, it is important to know your options when picking between flat caps.

Boston Scally Company is made up of Boston locals who understand how the scally cap is closely tied with the culture and the people. While the overarching term for these hats is the flat cap, we prefer the term scally cap. Scally captures the Boston attitude. We’re a unique breed, and nothing says it like a scally cap. Learn more about the flat caps and the style.

Materials Used in Flat Caps

Flat caps have been around as early as the 14th century. They’ve been worn by men throughout Europe and North America. These hats have been known to cross class lines and give off the best look whether you are at a fancy event or at the pub with your pals. These caps get a lot of use, so it is good that they are made with materials made to last.

A number of materials have been used to make flat caps. The most common hats are made of wool, tweed, and cotton. Other hats are made of leather, corduroy, or linen. There are a lot of options available to get the look you want. You’ll find a lot of these materials use a herringbone pattern for the design.

The Many Names for Flat Caps

A flat cap has been known to go by many names. As it was a popular choice for headwear for hundreds of years, it has been associated with a number of places and activities. One common variation people tend to mistake it for is the newsboy cap. This hat is no scally. It has a more rounded and paneled look that gives the hat a different look. Here are names that more closely describe the scally cap:

  • Duckbill Hat
  • Paddy Cap
  • Pub Cap
  • Tweed Cap
  • Driver/Cabbie

If you are looking for a genuine flat cap that fits the scally cap look, you’ll have a better time using any of these variations of the phrase at your hat shop. Of course, it is always best to order from Boston Scally Co. for the best materials and design.

Find Your Scally Cap Today

Though there are variations on the style of flat caps available, here at Boston Scally Co, we offer the best quality and design. Our caps are designed to be comfortable and made to take a beating. The durability you get out of our caps promises you’ll have your favorite cap with you for a long time. Check out our online store to find your Scally Cap today!