Nostalgia is a Powerful Thing May 25 2021

Summer Scally Cap

I’m pretty nostalgic. 

In fact the Boston Scally company and our Classic Scally Cap Collection was built because of it. 

We loved the way we grew up and realized that many people in communities around the country grew up very similar. 

We valued family, hard work and loyalty. 

We didn’t have much, but did not know the wiser. 

We appreciated the small things and relied on great memories to tell amazing stories. 

The truth is we didn’t go on many vacations as a kid—but when we did it was down the Cape to Dennis Port—right near Raycroft Beach. 

Last summer, we took the family there for what was supposed to be a weekend trip—it turned into week. It all felt full circle and made us realize even more how important times like that can be. 

Cape Cod always brings back great memories and the ‘Cape Codder’ Collection is our ode to that—wherever or however you build your own story. 

We bring this back every year as a tradition—much like the ones we grew up with and the ones we will continue to build.