Scally Cap Styles: Single Panel, Five Panel, Six Panel, and Eight Panel Caps August 08 2019


Boston Scally cap styles by number of panels


When we started Boston Scally Company, there was a problem that needed to be solved. Flat caps needed to be updated. We always loved the old-school look, but in today’s world, people want to keep with the times—so we updated the coveted scally cap and gave it a signature form fit.

We currently offer four different styles of scally caps:

Single Panel Scally Cap

Often referred to as a traditional flat cap or ivy cap, this cap consists of one panel that runs from front to back. Though the single panel refers to the top half of the scally cap, it is important to notice a signature Boston Scally cap will have a slight narrower side panels; less floppy that is. The goal in designing this cap was to give more depth to the traditional flat cap look—something that looked less like a costume hat. The increased depth give this a lower profile look that is more form fitted. It will shape the face nicely and hug the top of your dome just right.

We can always pick our scally cap in a crowd just by the proprietary look we knew people were looking for.

Our ‘Original’ scally cap is our best seller to date. If you are a beginner or veteran to the scally cap world, we suggest starting with that.


5 Panel Scally

When old school meets new school. How a scally cap looks is extremely important to us. We always liked the concept of 5 panel caps, but felt like the sides could have a narrower look (like our single panel) and that the back could have a more rounded form fit (like our 8 panel). They needed our signature look. But it didn't end there-we needed to extend the brim ever so slightly and increase the hat depth a little so that this cap kept its traditional feel with a modern look. We've revolutionized the five panel scally cap.


6 Panel scally cap

The six panel scally cap has been around for quite some time, but we encountered the same issue with many other brands out there—something was missing on the fit. It needed to be improved. When we wear a scally cap we like to know that it is going to stay on our head, like a baseball cap. This was the “ah-ha” moment that helped design our signature 6 panel scally cap. We needed to give it more depth, just like we did with the single panel, slim down the sides and make the brim more substantial. Contrary to the single panel, the 6 panel scally cap has a rounder look. It will appear completely smooth and clean on the edges.

We are obviously very passionate about our scally caps, and what our customers and fans to feel the same way. Being able to make the cap your own is important. By adjusting the brim and making it more substantial, it gives the ability to give the cap a completely different look depending on who is wearing it. Do you like a more curved look? A flatter brim? The option is yours.


8 Panel Scally [Peaky Blinders Cap]

The eight panel scally cap has recently gained popularity because of the hit series ‘Peaky Blinders” and rightfully so. Not only are those dudes badass, but they look badass in their 8 panel scally caps. The question that arose was “Will we look like they do?”

As much as one would like to be able to pull off the old school, floppy 8 panel cap, it conveys more of a custom look. Very cool-yes---but for everyday wear it needed adjustments.

For years, we worked on developing an eight panel scally cap that looked just right. We had dozens and dozens of prototypes over the years, but they were never quite right. They were either too floppy, too small, too big—you name it.

Finally, we got it right. We were able to “Boston Scally-ize” the Peaky Blinders-style 8-panel cap. We gave it our signature form fit with a narrower look. It has a similar look and feel as the 6 panel, but with a slightly larger profile to give it an old-school look with a modern feel.


The Best Fit for You

Fitting a cap can be a very personal thing, but we always recommend getting the proper sizing first. If you are in between sizes we always recommend going a size up.

Once you get the size down we typically guide customers toward our Original scally cap if they feel the single panel scally suits them best. If you feel the six panel is more of a preference, then we would guide you toward our ‘Scrapper’ scally cap collection. If you are going for the 8 Panel, our ‘Peaky’ scally cap [when it’s not sold out] is one of our best-sellers and a fan favorite.

No matter what style, color or fit you like—Boston Scally Company is here to guide you in the right direction. Our selection is as wide as it is high and we are always adding new styles!