A Look into November at Boston Scally Company: What is Coming Your Way November 01 2019

Boston Scally Cap and Jacket


Holiday Season 

This time of year, is crazy at the Boston Scally HQ. Once November hits, existing and new customers begin their Christmas shopping. They want to ensure that they get the scally cap that they have been eye balling for months...or maybe a collection that has been out of stock. It is scally cap season and our team is firing on all cylinders to help you this season. Got a question? Hit us up! 

Restock of Your Favorites 

Anyone that knows Boston Scally, our most popular scally cap collections tend to run out of stock relatively fast. It was imperative that we restocked your favorites: The Peaky, The Boondock and our Classics. We are stocked up (we think) and ready for the massive rush.  

New Scally Cap Launches 

This month we have TWO new launches coming your way: The ‘Military Responder” and “The Whiskey.” 

‘Military’ Responder 

Every year we launch a new ‘Military’ Responder. This year we took the design element to a new level and used our single panel style as the foundation. This is a “tip of the cap” to all of the troops both past and present that protect and serve our great nation. A portion of all sales go toward '22Kill' as well as 'The Wounded Warrior Project.'

Boston Scally ‘Military’ Responder Caps in Camo

The ‘Whiskey’ 

Since we began teasing this scally cap collection it has become highly anticipated. The design process for these caps took us quite a while. We needed to pick the right plaid fabric, material, pattern and, of course, matching it up to the right style. We decided this would be a single panel scally cap so that it would not only embody the nostalgia of flat cap but also the right style so that it would soon become a Boston Scally favorite. These are sharp as hell and the quality is next level. 

Boston Scally The ‘Whiskey’

When we look at this cap, we instantly think about the holiday season, family, friends and the community of our fans sharing stories over a, well, whiskey.  

Boston Scally Podcast 

The ‘Boston Scally Podcast’ has been a long time coming. Since we started Boston Scally Company, we have preached what our brand and community is all about. It’s about family, friends, community—and the stories that surround us.  

Boston Scally Podcast

This podcast will tackle all stories Boston, family and business. We already have lined up some amazing interviews about people with amazing stories, businesses and careers. 

Our approach will be down to earth and hold nothing back—just like YOU.  

So crack open a beer, whiskey or whatever you drink and give it a listen. Subscribe to our site here and receive updates on the launch.  

New HQ 

We have kept this under wraps for some time, but it is time we let you know---we are stepping it up. Our new address will share the same address that Aerosmith, Inc did years ago. Wait what? That’s right. The same address where the coveted ‘Rocks Album’ was recorded will now be occupied by Boston Scally Company. 

Aerosmith Album Cover


The ‘Wherehouse’ has a new home.  

We will use this new HQ as a podcast studio, pop up shop and hopefully some festivals...well, we will keep you posted! But don’t tell anyone. 


So, there you have it! We have November locked in our sights and we are prepared to make your Boston Scally experience a kick ass one. Holiday shopping and Black Friday will be here before we know it. Let us help you get it together this year!