Boston Scally Company: Just a Bunch of Blue Collar Wiseguys September 30 2013

Boston Streets at Sunset

Boston is known for being a blue-collar city where hard work is a given, the bond of brotherhood is unbreakable and the pursuit, no matter what it’s toward, is always relentless.

There is a certain vibe in Boston that starts with its’ people, their sarcasm, their underlying rugged persona…and the one-of-a-kind culture they all embrace.

That’s where Boston Scally Company was inspired.

My father grew up on the corner of Cushing St and Mt. Auburn in Cambridge, MA in the 1950’s during one-of-the-most nostalgic times in America—specifically Boston. Times were tough, but they were simple. The community he grew up in consisted of second generation to those that immigrated from all over Europe to find a better life for their families, provide for their children…to scrap for an opportunity at the ‘American Dream.’

You’d often see these working class men leading up until this time and throughout, wearing ‘flat caps,’ or as we refer to them in Boston‘scally caps.The design of this cap was most likely for functional purposes such as shade, but quickly redefined itself. As European immigrants began settling in the United States, the "scally cap" became a staple in American fashion—especially in Boston.

I grew up wearing these caps because my father wore them and his father wore them. This was most likely the case for anyone within a ten-mile radius of Southie, East Boston and Quincy.

Wearing this cap wasn’t just a fashion statement anymore.

Donning a ‘scally cap’ signified that you were willing to hustle for a buck and, if need be, bloody a few lips in pursuit of a dream.

In years since, it has become evident that the unique and genuine personality of someone from Boston is the make up of something pretty unique and envied by many—I felt that this should shared in the form of Boston’s most culture-defining piece of headwear—the scally cap.

Boston Scally Company will to give those, not only from Boston, the opportunity to own a quality cap or shirt that represents not only style, but the culture behind it. Those who understand the tough, humble and loveable nature of Bostonians will understand Boston Scally Company. The best way I can describe this brand is: ’Hard nose. Soft fit.’

And for those that don’t understand, well, they can wear their matching sweaters with pleated pants.

So when you get your first piece of Boston Scally apparel, whether it’s a cap or shirt, I encourage you to get some blood, sweat, tears…or even spill some beer on it.

It’ll only add to its character.