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Irish Flat Cap Styles

The flat cap has been around since the 14th century. Over the years, the hat has been found on boys and men of all classes and cultures. Of course, one of the most popular locations for the flat cap was Ireland. The hats were so popular in Ireland, they were soon called Irish flat caps. Of course, we here at Boston Scally prefer to refer to them as scally caps.

The Classic Look of the Irish Flat Cap

Flat caps are the perfect hat for a wide variety of events. Whether it’s hanging out at the bar or going to see the ball game, you can always sport your Irish flat cap for the occasion. Of course, don’t get these hats confused with the newsboy cap. If you want the authentic Boston look of a flat cap, you’re gonna have to go with Boston Scally Company.

Boston Scally Company is in the business of genuine scally caps. We understand that Boston attitude and have the culture ingrained into each of our styles. When you are looking for the perfect flat cap to wear, you can trust that we’re going to provide you with the best options to complete your look. Learn more about the Irish flat cap and the caps we have available in our shop.

Get An Irish Flat Cap From Boston Scally Co.

Though there are variations of names for the Irish flat cap, here at Boston Scally Co, we have the best options for the style. Our caps are designed to be comfortable and made to take a beating. The durability you get out of our caps promises you’ll have your favorite cap with you for a long time. Check out our online store to find your Scally Cap today!

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