Boston Scally: A Community Brand August 13 2021

Boston Scally Reginas

The Local

Growing up around Boston there were certain local establishments that were almost a "right of passage."

Whether it was a favorite neighborhood bar, restaurant or place of entertainment--these local joints help in defining the culture and community. This isn't unique to Boston. This is across the country and the globe.

A theme here at Boston Scally company is staying true to your roots--never forget where you came from and what defines you.

We talk a lot about loyalty, history and passion. And what better way to display this than to choose some local spots and collaborate with them on some limited edition scally caps, tees and pins? What better way than to help promote a local business than with the most loyal group and community that we know?

This has been a passion project for quite some time and we are proud to announce The 'Local' Collection. These are going to be limited drops with local businesses and establishments close to our hearts, many of which you will know quite well...and some you may not.

BUT...what about all of our loyal fans across the country you ask?! What about great local spots outside of Boston? In other states?

Glad you asked.

We want to know about the local spots in YOUR towns and cities that have built up and defined the community around you. How great would it be for Bob in Texas to be able to rock a limited edition scally cap of Mike's favorite bar in Kansas...or Cindy's favorite restaurant in California?

You often hear companies say that they are a "lifestyle" brand. For some time we thought we were, but then discovered that we are a "community brand" that cares about more about our customer than just selling a scally cap. We want to know about YOU, where you come from and what you're passionate about. The connection with our customers and fans is always top priority here and we feel The 'Local' collection is a great display of just that. 

To kick this off in a couple of weeks we are collaborating with one of Boston (and America's) favorite pizza joints, Pizzeria Regina, and our childhood best friend's local establishment, Shopper's Cafe.