Not Just Any Flat Cap: The 'Distillery' Scally Cap April 12 2022

The 'Distillery' Boston Scally Caps in Plaid

Our customers and fans are some of the most genuine people one could ever meet. When we meet customers/fans the first thing they’ll tell us is how they met another customer and the great connection they had and chat they had about their Boston Scally cap. That’s unique and it’s intentional…but it took time. 

Distilling is a process that takes time, takes patience and takes support. It’s also a simple process, but just as simple to mess up.

The best distillers never take for granted the process and treat every step of the process as though it’s the most important…because it is.

When we design scally caps and flat caps, we think about every possible reaction to it. How someone feels when they see it, when they wear it and even when they hang it up at the end of the day. It’s pretty wild when you think about it. It’s artwork not just some Elmer Fudd cap.

We hope the ‘Distillery’ scally cap collection makes you feel some sort of way—whether it’s positive, upbeat or confident. Of course we are biased—we think everyone looks amazing in our caps—what about you?