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The Popeye - Patchwork

Only a few left in this size.

This Popeye x Boston Scally Limited Edition Collectors cap is inspired by the legendary sailor who embodies integrity, strength, and unwavering loyalty. The one who stands up for their friends and loved ones, no matter the odds. Popeye was a man who lived by his values and did what was right in the face of adversity—every single day. Whether it’s rough seas or a rough day, we brave the storm, fortified with a can-do spirit.

This cap is a perfect blend of classic design and bold character, featuring a 6-panel construction made from lightweight, 100% cotton woven fabric. The multicolored patchwork adds a distinctive flair, while the iconic Popeye logo, and vibrant yellow brim make a statement. Join the Boston Scally community with The ‘Popeye’—where every wearer is a part of a legacy of strength and solidarity.

Style: Six panel

Material: 100% Cotton

Color: Multicolored Patchwork

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