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The Bill Collectors Edition - Grey

Only a few left in this size.

The MVP or coach of any team has distinct qualities—relentless work ethic, loyalty, passion just to name a few...

Our latest “MVP” and “Bill” scally cap should make anyone who wears it feel as though they embody these traits...or feel part of a team and community of like minded people that grind day in and day out.  Maybe you’re the MVP or coach of your own team—your family or your crew at work...regardless you put everyone’s needs before your own, don’t complain and play to win.

These caps boast a form fitted six panel style with a quality wool blend perfect for football season. The contrast color lid and limited edition labels on the inside are a perfect touch for any collector’s edition cap

The BILL: 'QUEST FOR 6' inside special edition hem label

Material: Wool/Poly

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