4 Boston Scally Caps You Need to Own

Boston Scally Company has been making huge strides the past couple of years. Our goal was to become Boston’s favorite scally cap.

 Well...I think we overshot.

 Today we ship across the country and the globe on a daily basis spreading not only what we feel is the market’s best scally cap, but what the blue collar culture (not just in Boston) means to consumers.

 So whether you know us or don’t, we feel that these three scally caps are what we consider the “essentials.”


#1 The Original Scally


The Original Scally cap was the first cap we ever offered and is still our most popular cap. It is a traditional style scally cap with a modern fit. We like our caps a little more form fitted without much loose material around the edges.

This clean fit has been a fan favorite since launch and can take a beating.


#2 The Scrapper


We knew that a six-panel cap was needed in our lineup. We always liked six-panel caps, but the trouble was getting the perfect fit. We finally got the design down pact and launched our first six-panel scally cap-the “Scrapper.” This was an instant hit.

The low profile look and feel is almost reminiscent of your favorite baseball cap, but ultimately because of the unique look of a Boston Scally cap.

We can spot one of our six-panel caps from a mile away.

You can sport these to the game, the bar...or like many of our customers, in your own damn wedding!


#3 The Kenmore


Ah yes, the Kenmore. Probably the most popular fall line cap we have launched to date.

At Boston Scally, we like things subtle. Bostonians aren’t the flashy type. We like simple design, and top-tier quality. We stepped it up with the Kenmore line-offering a wool six-panel scally cap with a leatherette visor.

These scally caps are great in the fall and winter time, but if you’re like many of our fans—you can wear this year round.


#4 The Bruiser


Bostonians by nature are rugged, tough and no holds bar individuals. We tell it like it is and never hold back.  Sure there is always an underlying tone of sarcasm and ball busting, but that’s part of our charm.

People love us for it and people hate us for it. You can’t please everyone—and personally. We don’t give a shit.

We care about our friends, our family and maintaining the integrity of our culture. A culture that is based on loyalty, hard work, and passion.

The Bruiser scally cap embodies that on so many levels—but the simple name alone defines what our culture means.

An all black traditional style cap with our unique fit makes this an essential for any existing and new Boston Scally fan.

So there you have it. The Boston Scally start kit. So if you want to know which cap to start with or which to buy a friend or family member—you can’t go wrong with any of those four.