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The UFC Six Panel - Black

Only a few left in this size.

Introducing: The UFC | Boston Scally Collection. This partnership celebrates the two brand’s undeniable synergy while marking a new milestone in each of our respective journeys, destined to become the next scally cap collection for any Boston Scally or UFC loyalist. Beyond the bright lights of the UFC lies a realm of relentless training, sacrifice, and unwavering determination. Fighters endure grueling hours, push through pain, and overcome setbacks, all for the chance to step into the octagon and chase their dreams. It’s not just about fame — it’s about providing for loved ones, honoring where we come from, and pursuing our passions with everything we’ve got.

This classic cap is built for the relentless pursuit of victory. With a timeless 6-panel design, this cap features an embroidered UFC logo on the back, and interior octagon UFC logo.

Colors: Black

Material: Wool/Poly Blend

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