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The Caddy - Black

Only a few left in this size.

Growing up we didn't have the means to golf, but we loved the sport. At ten years old, my brother figured out a way to golf... for FREE. He got a job at a country club as a caddy. They offered caddies golf, at no charge, every Monday in the summer.

The only problem was getting clubs. Easy fix. My old man rummaged through the garbage in neighboring towns until he found a wooden pair that he would cut down to size for us to use.

For years my brother and I would rip golf balls off our neighbors house and down at the baseball diamond. He dedicated his Monday afternoons during the summer to free golf, while caddying the remaining days of the week. He eventually earned enough cash to buy a used set. It was a proud moment for a young kid... and my father.

So though a 'caddy' is thought as a glorified bag boy--to him it was a life lesson. If you want something--go out there and hustle for it.

Style: 8 Panel

Material: cotton/polyester blend for a lightweight feel


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