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The Flap Cap - Grey Herringbone

Only a few left in this size.

Keep those ears warm in style! A long awaited addition to our scally cap line up is The 'Flap Cap.' This is an adjustable ear-flap cap that boasts insulated lining and versatility—all while maintaining the form fit that makes a Boston Scally Cap truly unique.

Whether you fold the flaps in or out, this classic herringbone cap is a new winter classic.

Material: Wool/Poly blend

Color: Classic Grey Herringbone

Style/Fit: Single panel with adjustable ear flaps. Caps will fit like single panels with flaps out; with flaps folded in caps will fit roughly 0.5cm smaller.

* If in between sizing we suggest to go up a size. Please note when the flaps are folded IN this will have a slightly more form fit—not too tight. It will break in nicely with a wear or two like all your other favorite Boston Scally caps.

** Folding flaps in will bring the caps in roughly .5cm (i.e. An M/L is 58cm with the flaps down, but roughly 57.5cm with the flaps folded in. 

Size Guide