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Boston Scally

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The Collection

'Patriot' Collector's Edition - 6 Rings

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'Patriot' Collector's Edition - No. 87

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Born to be victorious. A scally cap that represents greatness over time. Whether its on the field, at home or in life, legends carve their own path.

Our Story

There is a certain vibe in Boston that starts with its’ people.

It's their sarcasm, their underlying rugged persona…and the one-of-a-kind culture they all embrace.

Knowing that there is no better way to share this with others than in the form of Boston’s most culture-defining piece of headwear--the 'scally' cap--Boston Scally Company was soon established.

We aim to give those, not only from Boston, the opportunity to own a quality cap or shirt that represents our blue-collar mentality and the culture behind it. If you understand the tough, humble and loveable nature of Bostonians then you will understand Boston Scally Company.

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