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Whether you’re a Boston native or just want a piece of our culture to take home with you, make it a scally cap. Grab one for yourself and check out our kids’ selection below for one to match.

Bringing your kid up around Boston you can only hope to give them the same unique experience you had growing up. Though times might not be quite the same, you can give them a piece of that experience with a Boston Scally Co. Kids cap. Kids are meant to be mischievous, break some rules and push the limits - We all did and that's what built our character. This scally cap represents that next generation of Bostonians that will carry on the heart and soul of our great city.

These aren't for every kid though... If you don't want your kid playing in the mud, riding their bike out until dark or making their own "play dates"...this might not be the cap for them.

...And what the heck is a "play date" anyway?