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The Donnybrook - Grey Herringbone

Only a few left in this size.

The Original 6 Panel Boston Scally cap.

A  'donnybrook' by definition is a free-for-all brawl.

Now is that something that defines the nature of Bostonians? Well...
Let's put it this way: Figuratively speaking, everything in life is a free-for-all. It's just a matter of who is willing to push it to the limit and take a few licks to get there.

It's in our culture as Bostonians (and those alike) to never back down from anything and fight for ourselves.

Whether it's for family, friends or for dignity...a little donnybrook never scared us.

Colors: grey herringbone, dark olive herringbone

fit guide: this cap (grey) runs true to size (see size chart)

Material: Wool/Poly

Size Guide